Club Monaco Alexander Calder Jewelry Collection

by Danielle Kosann


Typically known for modern interpretations of classic styles and limited palettes, Club Monaco stands out from the mainstream retail fray. The brand embraces a neo-boho lifestyle of art, film and travel, so it comes as no surprise that the work of artist Alexander Calder inspired their new jewelry collection.

Famous for his ground-breaking kinetic art, Calder's unusual mixed media sculptures and mobiles (the very first) grace museums and public spaces worldwide. But his lesser known work as a jewelry designer captivated Club Monaco designers. Recently exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, his use of beach glass, ceramic shards, wire and bold colors make his work distinctively modernist. Club Monaco emulates the look beautifully, while still maintaining its own aesthetic.


The pieces feature custom-designed colored glass developed using the Murano technique and set on gold-plated wire. A stunning example of wearable art, the pieces retail from $79-139 and sell online or at Club Monaco stores nationwide.