Alternative Apparel


A good t-shirt is hard to find, but Alternative Apparel (a clever(?) play on garment giant American Apparel) offer superior quality in a variety of styles and colors. Our product testers report that the material is softer than American Apparel and of seemingly finer quality.

First of all, they’re pre-washed so there should be no shrinkage. And the manufacturer boasts that they’re stitched to be extra strong.

And there’s plenty of styles and colors. We counted 20 varieties of women’s—and that’s just the short-sleeved shirts.

The site requires registration before you can view the prices, but a high-end t-shirt for a woman is around $24—about what you’d pay at an urban department store.

Oh, and they sell caps too. Plastic-mesh trucker caps and military-style “Fidel” short brimmed cap, if the whole militia-chic look is your thing.