Apolis + Atelier Ace Gauze Scarf

A lightweight, hand-loomed accessory ethically made in Ethiopia

Apolis-detail-scarf.jpg Apolis-gauze-scarf-indigo.jpg

With a keen eye on the road and an undetermined destination, Apolis seems ever-focused on their—and your—next journey. Or perhaps more specifically, what product will make your journey better. While we’ve been wowed by a range of previous products, their recently introduced cotton Gauze Scarf, made in collaboration with Atelier ace (the global creative group behind the Ace Hotel), hits on all points. Made of hand-loomed organic cotton, the lightweight scarf is a clever accessory for summer’s cold nights.

As a brand, Apolis is keenly interested in ensuring their products reach consumers purely by way of sustainable, ethical practices. In this case, Apolis has struck a partnership with a cooperative of women artisans in Ethiopia to provide a fair wage, skills training and job placement in exchange for their expert abilities. Visit Apolis to learn more about the social aspects surrounding the scarf, which retails for $48.

Detail image by Graham Hiemstra, studio shot courtesy of Apolis