Bam Clothing


The technology of making cloth from bamboo is surprisingly recent. Developed by Beijing University in 2002 companies are starting to make clothing using this wonder material. In addition to its organic and sustainable benefits, bamboo fabric feels incredibly soft. It is antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic, properties which are retained even after repeated washings. The weave is exceptionally good at wicking moisture away from the body, and the fabric will keep you a few degrees warmer in winter and cooler in summer. And it's biodegradable. Got your attention?

Bam Clothing is an early adopter of the bamboo clothing movement. All of their products are made using bamboo fabric and natural dyes, and are made in a factory with ethical standards by fairly treated employees. Their bamboo is 100% naturally grown in China, is sustainable, and is grown without pesticides or fertilizer. And for every shirt you buy, they buy 10 sq m of South American rainforest and plant a tree.

Their current products include t-shirts and athletic shirts for men and women. Based in London, they ship worldwide.