Green Tee Clothing Company: Gifted


MomiMomi has consistently been one of CH's most-liked t-shirt lines, so we're happy to see that one of the designers is going green with his new line, Green Tee Clothing Company. Now based in Florida, designer Danny Leder, launched the collection printed exclusively on organic cotton using only water-based inks last month at the Project tradeshow.

The theme for their second collection, which will be out just in time for the holidays, is "Gifted," exploring the inherent contradiction between natural beauty and modern materialism (both referred to as "gifts" in our language).

"Humans have a funny (and often seemingly arbitrary) way of giving value to the 'gifts' that nature's bounty bestows upon them," observes Leder. "They ascribe the promise of a fulfilled wish to blowing apart the fuzz of a dandelion blossom; infinite monetary worth to strange rocks that come from the belly of the planet … The graphics in our second line give a subtle nod and a little thanks to these peculiar relationships."

This latest line of clothing hasn't been posted on the website yet, but you can contact Green Tee directly to see what we're talking about.