Bonobos: Patterned Oxfords

A vibrant take on the classic button-collar shirt with special attention on cut and construction

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A quality shirt is the foundation of good style. For most, the oxford shirt is the go-to for most occasions—the classically styled button-collar staple can be dressed up with a suit or worn casually with jeans and sneakers and makes for a perfect travel companion. The creative design team at Bonobos sought to inject some new life into the old favorite with their patterned oxford series—featuring a range of styles and color palettes, from a tartan for the highlands to a sleek check pattern perfect for the city. Bonobos focuses on fit and construction, with the shirts available in both slim and regular cuts to ensure a comfortable yet sharp result.


“The weave of the oxford cloth is what generally draws people in,” says Vice President of Design Dwight Fenton. “It’s the color of the shirt, cut with white in a basket-like weave that gives the fabric such a textured look and feel. For this pattern series, we decided to mix things up a bit.” Instead of being cut with white, the Bonobos patterned oxfords have a multi-color secondary thread stitch. This makes the patterns in the shirts pop and gives them an unprecedented, bold texture. Bonobos’ design philosophy dictates little to almost no branding—instead relying on refined, subtle construction details such as contrast binding in the cuffs and gussets; “letting the piece stand for itself,” Fenton notes.


The range of patterns incorporates Bonobos’ unique ability to bring vibrant colors into timeless classics. For example, tartan in red, yellow and green rejuvenates the Scottish-style pattern (traditionally woven in wool) with a contemporary color palate without losing its classic appeal. Meanwhile, Fenton integrates another traditional print into luxuriously soft oxford cotton with the red and navy Tattersall shirt—a check pattern named after the London horse market that made it famous. “These are some of the most versatile pieces we’ve ever made,” Fenton says. “The oxford weight and styling works year-round for every occasion. Plus, they’re just plain comfortable.”


Patterned oxfords range from $78 to $88 and are available from Bonobos online in both slim and regular fits. If you’re unsure of your size or are in need of a bit of style advice, stop by one of the Bonobos Guideshops for a one-on-one shopping session with one of the brand’s experts. If you like what you see, act fast because all of the patterns are limited edition—when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Images courtesy of Bonobos