Bullhead Chronographs




Bullhead Chronographs feature the crown and pushers on top of the case instead of the side. Due to the rarity of this configuration more liberties are taken in regards to the overall design. Many dials are angled up for a drivers style and feature unusual dials. They are some of the most original and coolest watches made in the sixties and seventies.

The 1970 Bulova Bullhead (left) featuring the famous Chronomatic Calibre 11 was the first automatic watch with a microrotor which was also used in the 1969 Heuer Monaco. It's available for purchase at : Watches to Buy.

The 1969 Omega Bullhead (center) also features the Chronomatic movement. The case is much wider at the top and almost triangular in shape making it a very rare find.

The manual winding 1975 Victor Chronograph (right) has an angled case and has a two tone orange/gray dial making it easy to read.

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