Carrera Vintage Racing Sunglasses Redux

by Ariston Anderson


Last Friday Italian designer Carrera launched their new line, resurrecting their own vintage sunglasses, in New York at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. The night felt like an '80s revival of the Mud Club with guests wearing the oversized frames in colors from blue to pink to white and a surprise performance by Blondie, who indulged the audience with her rarely-played song "Rapture," infamous rap and all.

Carrera, named after the Carrera Panamericana (the annual car race that stretches across Mexico), launched in 1956 to create a line of sporting glasses and helmets for racing, skiing, rugby, cycling and more. Carrera was relaunched in Europe in 2007 and is now being released into the States. The new line pays tribute to their remarkably crafted 1950s line of racing glasses, but plays them up, referencing their '80s design style of oversized frames and colors that pop. Although the new line is incredibly fun, they’re also incredibly functional, as their large surface area provides optimum UV protection. It’s the perfect spring collection for both sport and leisure.

The glasses, available in four styles and 26 different colors, are available at Bloomingdale's and Solstice, ranging from $120-$150.