Super Sunglasses Spring/Summer 2009


Bursting onto the scene in 2007 with more color choices for their high-quality sunglasses than a bag of Skittles, Super continues to rock the retro sunglasses industry with their seemingly never-ending supply of rad colors and shapes.

More than just a trendy item, Super sunglasses are manufactured in Italy and fitted with Zeiss lenses, designed to protect your eyes in a variety of conditions—from snow glare to sunshine.


With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to find a pair that suits your style. Super has updated their site with their new Spring/Summer 2009 collection, which features an excellent array of tropical shades like Sex On The Beach (above left) to '80s inspired glasses we're sure even Max Headroom would appreciate, like Mars and Frank 1.

Super sunglasses are available online and around the world, check their site for a store near you. Prices range from $115-180.