Central Saint Martins Students Redesign the Birkenstock

As Wallpaper* notes, the comfort provided by Birkenstock’s ergonomic “Arizona” sandal led it to be one of the most shopped footwear items of 2020. As the German brand eyes an acquisition by LVMH, Birkenstock releases the results of their two-year collaboration with the BA Fashion History & Theory and MA Fashion courses at London’s acclaimed fashion education institution, Central Saint Martins. What began as an archival effort was extended into a collection, which includes four winning designs from masters students Saskia Laenerts, Dingyun Zhang, Alecsander Rothschild and Alex Wolfe (and Birkenstock’s first-ever Archive style). Its goal is to bring the brand into the global fashion conversation—and the creativity of the collection certain warrants that. Read more about the collaboration at Wallpaper*.

Image of Birkenstocks by Dingyun Zhang, courtesy of Matteo Carcelli and Birkenstock