Cerebella Design

Patterns found in nature under the lab microscope, turned into artistic accessories


If you’ve ever peered into a microscope, it’s likely that you’ve been wowed by the microscopic world of colors and texture; the patterns of nature caught under a lens. That was certainly the case for Ariele Faber, founder of Cerebella Design, a Vermont-based company that brings the visual wonders of biology to textiles. With the aim to provide an outlet for endless curiosity, while also demonstrating that there is a profound natural order to things, Cerebella Design produces handmade bowties, scarves and neckties that pull extraordinary details from deep within the ordinary—and the inspiration runs from pollen tetrads to tapeworm.

Cerebella_Design_Pattern_2.jpg frog-skin-scarf.jpg

Each finished textile is the product of digital surface design, a process lending itself to the application of patterns on an almost unlimited amount of materials. Cerebella’s accessories are all made from silk and cotton silk and all of them are hand-sewn and crafted stateside. “Neckwear and fashion accessories seemed like a great place to start for Cerebella Design for a number of reasons. Wearable items allow a wide range of people to get familiar with our products, patterns, and message,” Faber explains. The products are all sustainably designed, while being “both whimsical and stylish, so that people can feel good about investing in high quality items that will stand out in a crowd.” Faber believes the pieces offer a chance to ask how science and art fit together. Whether bearing magnified patterns of frog skin or whale skin, starfish eggs or even human trachea cells, each piece is a starting point of conversation.

trachea-1.jpg Cerebella_Design_Pattern_4_thumb.jpg

While Cerebella Design does promote science education through art, they also have plans to partner with healthcare facilities, educational institutions and other designers to expand their reach. They also plan on supporting the STEM to STEAM movement, which focuses on incorporating art and design into the educational core of the maths and sciences.

Cerebella Design products are available at their website with products ranging from $64 to $79.

Images courtesy of Cerebella Design