CIFF KIDS: Three Scandinavian Kids Labels

From wool onesies to interior design, a look at the best offerings for little ones at the recent Copenhagen exhibition

Scandinavians have long been highly regarded when it comes to furniture, fashion and food, and some of the region’s finest children’s labels are ensuring the next generation grows up with that seemingly inherent sense of understated style. CH met with three of the best during last month’s Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) KIDS event in Copenhagen.

ciff-kids-our-top-three-scandinavian-kids-labels-fub-1.jpg ciff-kids-our-top-three-scandinavian-kids-labels-fub-2.jpg

“You only need to look at our history to understand that we go way back when it comes to focusing on quality, design and uniqueness,” says Lotte Bundgaard of FUB; a unisex label that merges form and function. FUB boasts pieces that are comfortable enough for climbing trees and also stylish enough to wear to special events. “Parents here don’t compromise in any way; their babies look and reflect their lifestyles. It’s a lifestyle that’s organic—and how you live, what you eat and how you dress all come together to express who you are.” Ethically produced and from sustainable fabrics, FUB apparel is made using 100% organic cotton and the softest wool available. “We pride ourselves on executing our pieces with an eye for classic design and an uncompromising high standard of quality materials. Our simplicity is our signature.”


Ugly Children’s Clothing

Founded by three men—a major point of difference in an industry dominated by female designers—Ugly Children’s Clothing create wearable pieces, shying away from the oh-so-cutesy designs that saturate the younger kids market. “I don’t personally think Scandinavian kids dress better than other kids,” says Ugly’s managing director Jo Henning Kolstad, “but I know that they definitely dress more sensibly than children in other countries. We have a very demanding climate up here and wool is one of our most commonly used raw materials. It still surprises us when we speak to customers and retailers around Europe, how little they know about the fantastic qualities a wool product has. It seems like they still think of wool as something very uncomfortable and itchy like it was back in the ’70s.” While Ugly Children’s Clothing definitely gives a nod to the best of retro fashions, the oft-quirky, interesting detailing means nobody looks like their wearing their dad’s hand-me-downs.

ciff-kids-our-top-three-scandinavian-kids-labels-sebra-1.jpg ciff-kids-our-top-three-scandinavian-kids-labels-sebra-2.jpg
Sebra Interior for Kids

Created in 2004 by former fashion designer, Kolding School of Design graduate and mother, Mia Dela, Sebra offers affordable and unique children’s bedding, toys, storage, furniture, homewares and accessories. “When I was expecting my son I couldn’t find anything that would still look good outside of his room,” says Dela, “It was all cutesy teddy bears or things I wouldn’t want shown in any other part of the house.” A decade on, Sebra now comprises of a staff of 20—between them they are parents to 37 children. Sebra’s line balances the perfect mix of handicraft goods with modern design, creating items that “parents wouldn’t be embarrassed about having in their living room when guests were over.” But the designs still appeal to children with bright hues and playful themes and motifs. Sebra’s pieces are so well designed, customers may want to inquire about a grown-up version.

Images courtesy of the respective labels