Combatant Gentlemen’s New Year Essentials

Gear that will take you through celebrations and into the coldest season


While the holiday season is different in each hemisphere and celebrated differently from country to country and family to family, one commonality is the festive, spirited energy. This is furthered over the new year period, with a feeling that anything can happen. Indeed, whether celebrating with family (chosen or related) or friends, anything can in fact happen. Combatant Gentlemen has—for the past three years—been outfitting their customers in classic, functional but stylish apparel for all kinds of occasions. This new year is no different, and if you’re in a colder climate and heading to a party, meeting the parents or toasting marshmallows on a fire, they have a look for you. Along with Combatant Gentlemen, Cool Hunting has picked a few favorites from the brand’s collection that will see you comfortably, cozily and stylishly into the possibilities of next year.

Green Gingham Twill Button-Down Shirt

Gingham is a pattern that can easily transcend seasons, so whether your new year is an icy one, or a mild one, the Gingham Twill Button-Down ($40) will work as part of your look. Made from 100% Italian pre-shrunk cotton, this shirt is of a high-quality which is evident visually, but also to the touch. Whether for a casual get-together or a wholesome family affair, gingham is a classic, but the green and white colorway also happens to be a little festive.

Black Slim Straight Endurance Denim

For a go-to pair of everyday black denim pants, look no further. Made from 98% 9.5 oz Japanese denim (plus a pinch of stretch), this slim straight fit pair ($45) is comfy, durable and versatile. Work at the office and head straight to dinner and drinks afterwards, as the pants can be dressed up or down as you wish.

White Mini Herringbone Slim Fit Semi Spread Collar Shirt

The White Mini Herringbone Slim Fit Semi Spread Collar Shirt ($35) succeeds two-fold: it’s both comfortable and wrinkle-resistant. Both of these attributes are due in part to the 100% cotton mini herringbone weave, sourced from Italy. Everything else about the shirt lies in its details, most important being the semi spread collar which keeps things classy but not too restricting—so it’s perfect for a casual dinner that moves to a cocktail bar.

Navy Mini Windowpane Workhorse Pants

Crafted from a blend of wool and synthetic fibers, the Navy Mini Windowpane Workhorse Pants ($35)—cut in the brand’s signature slim fit—counts durability as its strong point. Dressy enough for a snazzy restaurant or lounge celebration, but comfortable enough for the dance floor that comes next, these wrinkle-resistant pants hold with just about anywhere—and do so with style.

Black Leather Duffle Bag

Whether you’re going away for the holidays, escaping the city for New Year’s Eve or need to pack a party outfit for after your workout, this 100% Italian wool peacoat ($100) draws inspiration from early 1900s military style, meaning it’s not just warm, but it’s also highly functional. Its soft-shouldered design means it’s comfortable and allows for plenty of movement—even when you’re all layered up.

Combatant Gentlemen is offering CH readers a unique promo code—chholiday—which is valid through 2 January 2016 for a one-time-only 15% discount off your purchase. Head over to their web store to peruse their new year essentials, from scarves to coats and pants.

Images courtesy of Combatant Gentlemen