Customizing Culture

A luxurious first collection inspired by the beautiful pattern of the Persian rug

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Working with her Persian heritage as inspiration, Maryam Avalinejad’s Customizing Culture collection debuted this week as part of Beckmans School of Design‘s final year showcase.

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The Iranian-born, Stockholm-based designer examines the fine line between standing out and blending in, searching out a balance between the two. Tying her collection together is the recognizable motif of the Persian rug, its iconic patterns adorning her pieces in various ways. “From the Persian conquerors and the greatness of the shāh to the reign of today. In my research I identified something which, to me, has kept its strong meaning, balance and Persian authenticity through time—the Persian carpet,” explains the designer.

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The source material is used with great restraint, applied sparsely to create areas of interest and detail but not so overtly it overwhelms the collection. Interestingly, by using the highly regarded carpet in a new environment its inherent luxury shines out once again.

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Avalinejad brings this feeling of luxury to the fore in all of her pieces. In one look, the Persian pattern creeps across her wearable paper-bag skirt toward a plain gold top, perfectly demonstrating her search for balance. The collection as a whole is well executed, with craftsmanship which would make the weavers of her birthplace proud. Her pieces strike that perfect balance between being instantly wearable and yet provocative enough in shape, form and color to turn heads.