Deth Killers: Dez Kiraz Volume One


From a group of New York-centric, apocalyptic outlaws comes Des Kiraz Volume One—a range of limited edition tees created in collaboration with seriously talented science fiction artists and the aforementioned group of bandits known as the Deth Killers 2000.

Rising from the ashes of the now defunct Innercity Raiders vs. Deth Killers of Bushwick label, Deth Killers 2000 continues the fine tailoring legacy with their line of fantasy-inspired shirts (click on images to see enlarged versions), each graphic taking months to create using a digital printing process that is yet to be seen anywhere else.

It's easy to see why David Bowie asked the duo behind ICR vs. Deth Killers of Bushwick to create his custom wardrobe for his Reality Tour a few years ago, the Dez Kiraz Volume One collection boasts oddities from space and more, like flying ice cream trucks, gun-toting motorcycle gangs and frozen bridges with polar bears emerging from the water below.

Each t-shirt comes as part of a box set which includes one tee, a poster and a set of trading cards. The Deth Killers 2000 site is set to launch in July 2009, when the box sets will be exclusively available for $125 until September 2009. At that time, the first four styles will be available at Barneys Co-op locations nationwide.

Until then, have a look around the Deth Killers 2000 website where you can read more about the history of the imaginary bike gangs and see why they received such a cult following.