Unwashed Denim Raw Bomber Jacket

A handsome, traditional design updated with superior denim and designed by a high schooler


For many, it’s during their college years when an interest in design and fashion is discovered. For New York’s Will Berman—who we met at our 2013 Pitch Night—the passion took root at a much younger age; at 15 he started his own label, Unwashed Denim, with a focus on the intricacies of raw denim. “I didn’t know design was an interest of mine when I first started out,” admits Berman, “But I wanted to explore my interest in raw denim further, so I bought a sewing machine with some money I had saved up and began teaching myself. Immediately I was hooked.” Now, two years in, the high schooler has matured some, and so have his designs, thanks in part to time spent snooping around fashion trade shows in NYC and picking the brain of designers working with brands he admires. The most recent example of his evolving designs is the Raw Denim Bomber Jacket.


Made by hand in Portland, Oregon by a modest factory that’s been manufacturing jackets for over 50 years, the low profile jacket features a body of 13.5 oz Kaihara crosshatch raw denim with 10 oz black, waxed canvas sleeves. The body is lined in 100% melton wool, while the sleeves rely on a quilted satin liner to improve wearability. Further attention to detail can be seen in the bomber’s tonal brass hardware, leather pocket welts and pure wool cuffs and trim, which are woven on German knitting machines old enough to have been owned by Berman’s great grandparents.

The superior quality, stealth Raw Denim Bomber Jacket sells for $425 from Unwashed Denim online, where you’ll find additional information on Berman as well.

Images courtesy of Unwashed Denim