Format Magazine #12: Women’s history month special


In celebration of women's history month, Format Magazine #12 highlights some of the rising female stars out there making moves in urban culture, a traditionally male-dominated market.

Within the streetwear scene, it's rare to see a women's line that's not an extension of a pre-existing brand, but Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee of Mama (above right) founded one of the premier and only independent female street-wear brands. In Format, she comments on the struggle of being a woman in an industry full of men. A former lawyer who gave up the courtroom for fashion, Mama has focused primarily on tees thus far, but has recently expanded to cut and sew products and accessories, a collaboration with Bijules, and the Mama nail polish line. Check out and purchase some of her products at Mama

The issue also features in-depth interviews with Claw Money, Bijules, Blood is the New Black and chocolate-maker Alison Nelson, who collaborated with a variety of graffiti artists to design wrappers for her limited edition chocolate bars. Published online, check it out here.