Functional Aesthetics

LED eyelashes, wearable displays and biofeedback accessories in Dr. Sabine Seymour's latest book


Featuring a woven fabric cover embossed with a scannable QR code, Sabine Seymour‘s new book “Functional Aesthetics: Visions In Fashionable Technology” immediately offers a simple proof that textile can be interface. In Seymour’s second book on the subject, the professor and innovator defines fashionable wearables as “designed garments, accessories or jewelry that combine aesthetics and style with functional technology.”

Seymour takes a more analog approach to the discussion on fashionable technology with eight chapters that break down the various forms of functional aesthetics and major examples of each, spanning Soomi Park‘s LED Eyelashes (filed under The “Garment as Amplifier of Fantasy”) to CuteCircuit‘s Galaxy Dress (“The Epidermis as Metaphor”). The chapter “Woven Interface” shows how innovations in textiles and the weaving process enable new practices or an extra layer of personalization, while “Scientific Couture” demonstrates how biological advances can lead to a more sustainable world.


From current fashions to exploratory prototypes, “Functional Aesthetics” covers every aspect of the subject in an easily digestible format. Additionally, Seymour offers the section “Kits & DIY” for those looking to experiment as well as “Inspirations”—a list of websites, blogs, books and creatives that best tackle the fashionable technology topic.

“Functional Aesthetics: Visions In Fashionable Technology” sells online from Amazon.