Glerups Slippers

Natural wool slip-ons for the coziest comfort and warmth


Referred to as “the indoor shoe,” Glerups‘ line of super-soft slippers provides delightful comfort within a snug structure. Its 100% natural wool composition whisks moisture away while sustaining, maintaining and amplifying the natural heat your feet produce. There’s enough flexibility to allow for an easy slip-on experience every time, while also providing a soft calfskin sole (or rubber one, if you’d prefer) for traction. They are also designed in the shape of your foot, with a range of sizes, allowing for a true fit. This means wearers can kick them off, but they won’t slip off their own; granting a sturdiness not found in most slippers.

Some of their production still incorporates the long-standing tradition of Danish hand-felting, and there’s beauty in their simplicity—as well as reliable functionality. When cold weather descends (as it certainly has here in NYC) and you’re looking to keep comfortably warm, Glerups are tried and true. And in addition to the classic gray (which has been around since the brand’s inception) there’s an entire range of colors to chose from, including teal, coral and everything between.

Glerups unisex slippers are available online for €67; shoe and boot variations are also available.

Images courtesy of Glerups