Hentsch Man

A one-stop shop for sophisticated summer menswear opens in London

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With incredible attention to details, Hentsch Man was launched four years ago when its founders Alexia and Max failed in their quest to find the perfect white shirt. Their initial line was promptly snapped up by discerning men also sharing the same desire.

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Building on their immediate success, the pair developed a wider menswear collection including trousers, jackets, shorts and sweaters—built around the same attention to detail as the original shirt.

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For Summer 2011, the brand has opened a popup store intended to help men build a tasteful summer wardrobe that doesn’t scream “trying too hard.” A succesful execution for the one-stop shopper, the store features easily combined colorways and even a new series of sunglasses. The Bobby, as they’re called, are hand made in Italy and available in four very attractive colors (including the distinctive Hentsch Man pink hue), each finished with a matte finish.

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It’s also noteworthy that all materials and labour is undertaken in Europe. Regular trips not only to oversee production also afford the designers an opportunity to source extra items to round out the line. This summer traditional Spanish-made Espadrilles are available in a variety of great colorways.

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