History and Industry

Painter Irene Wood's jewelry collection inspired by ancient royalty and tribal wear.

wood1a.jpg wood2.jpg

Painter Irene Wood makes abstract works exploring growth, displacement and decay. But when it came to the Seattle-based artist’s first serious jewelry collection, inspired by accessories of ancient Greco-Roman, Egyptian and African royalty, she delved into wearable art with a much brighter perspective.

wood3.jpg wood4.jpg

Strands of geometric beads come in eye-popping primary hues, natural wood, stone finishes, metallic and clear plastic, in both monochromatic and multi-colored combinations. Called “History and Industry,” the big and bold accessories maintain tasteful simplicity in spite of their size, making the substantial pieces easily wearable. Materials—painted wood, vintage acrylic, quartz and India stone—figures importantly in these handmade necklaces, providing a warmth not often seen in costume jewelry.

The necklaces, which fall within a nicely-priced $120-200 range, sell through Irene Wood online or Etsy.