Homage Tees


Absolutely the softest tees we've found outside of the aged threads at Salvation Army are coming from Ohio. The appropriately named outfit, Homage, pays tribute to sports teams and so much more with their clever graphics and nostalgic sentiment printed onto brand new, worn-out cotton tees.

Homage began with a license to distribute Ohio State University gear, but with big aspirations and the desire to use tees as a platform for telling a story, Homage has grown into a full-on place to find blithe t-shirts that recognize everything from Ronald Reagan's love of jellybeans to the serious blacktop talent Billy Hoyle and Sidney Deane showed off in "White Men Can't Jump." Watching the slideshow of black and white photos set to oldies tunes on the home page, you realize that the simple graphics are inspired by the people who inspired us, albeit for their fashion sense or for their achievements in music, sports, or entertainment.


When we received our shirts with a package of Big League Chew and Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trading cards, we knew Homage was serious about preserving old school ideas while maintaining a humorous outlook. Their fresh concepts on slices of Americana are receiving much love from Japanese boutiques like Ships and United Arrows, but so far the tees are only available online in the States. (All are $32.) We have a feeling though it's only a matter of time before everyone is paying tribute to Homage.