AKA Tees


Even before Hot Topic pretty much ruined any kind of legit fandom, wearing a concert tee (unless is was a homemade "This is Not a Fugazi T-shirt" or Mr. Bungle's rare sort-of subtle masturbation celebration) was a sell out move. That's why we particularly appreciate U.K. t-shirt maker Worn By's AKA line of tees that pay homage to bands by referencing names they had before they made it big, names they played under for secret shows and that kind of thing.

Wearing one is a way to play the "in the know" qualifier game and the outré names themselves, like "Bingo Hand Job" (aka R.E.M.), add a general WTF appeal.


We also like how some of the designs play on the graphic design associated with the bands as we know them, for example "Polka Tulk" (Black Sabbath) and " Johnny and the Moondogs" (The Beatles). Others, like "Stiff Fingers," timed to coincide with the release of "Control," the new feature about the band in their later incarnation, is more interpretive.

The AKA series runs £28 a pop from Worn By.

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