Japanese-Influenced Ties by Kiriko

The Portland-based duo introduce a line of silk-lined ties inspired by a grandfather's style

Kirikomade-01a.jpg Kirikomade-02a.jpg

As we’ve seen in previous products from the Portland-based project of co-founders Dawn Yanagihara and Katsu Tanaka, Kiriko holds a deeply personal connection to each of the pieces that they create. Take for example, the new Kazuyuki line of ties, which was named after Yanagihara’s grandfather, Thomas Kazuyuki Yanagihara. The new collection was inspired by a vintage tie found in Yanagihara’s grandfather’s closet. Using the piece as a style reference, Kiriko’s bow ties and neckties feature floral fabrics and rich textures, all treated with the same care and made from the same traditional Japanese textiles that constitute the rest of the brand’s quality products.


Made by hand, pressed and packaged in Kiriko’s studio, the silk-lined ties are made in a variety of patterns and fabrics. The blue chambray is casually elegant, while the floral sakura and tsubaki patterns pay homage to cherry blossoms and the camellia japonica—a flower that is ubiquitous in southern Japan and whose oils are often used in Japanese cosmetics. The pattern of the tsubaki tie is inspired by katazome, a beautifully elaborate Japanese stencil dying technique that incorporates elements of both printmaking and painting in the creation of designs with natural motifs.

The Kazuyuki collection is available now through Kiriko online, where bow ties sell for $65 and neckties $89.

Images courtesy of Kirikomade