Jasmine Takanikos + Benjo’s

Vibrant two-tone shoelaces recall stunning sunrises and sunsets for a dynamic pop of color this summer


Jasmine Takanikos lives a life guided by color. The NYC-based color and branding consultant is known among the creative community for her flawless ability to pair pigments, both in her personal style and for companies like Lululemon, New Balance and now, the Minneapolis-based accessories label Benjo’s. Founder Ben Hertz recently teamed up with Takanikos to add even more dynamic hues to the company’s already-brilliant range of colorful shoelaces and penny loafer pennies.

Takanikos says she was initially inspired by Eric Cahan’s photographs of sunsets and sunrises in issue two of Saturdays Surf magazine—which reminded her of places like Malibu, Tulum and Rockaway. Appropriately, the shoelaces sport shades of rich blue, deep red and orange, as well as bright pink, evoking the mood of those photographs.


Takanikos tells us she tries to use color to express everything she does. She became a member of The Color Association of America about three years ago, she says the association helped her create a voice around color, which in turn allows her to excel in color forecasting and shape clients’ visual identities.


The shoelaces are a way for her to express her love for accessories, she explains, saying “Shoelaces are an extension of your aesthetic, a pop, a statement—I love accessories for that reason.”

The nylon shoelaces come in 36, 48, and 54 inches and can be purchased at Benjo’s for $11 a pair.

Images by Valentina Palladino