KARA’s Smaller Accessories, With a Twist

The cult backpack brand sizes down to miniature wallets with modern carabiners

For sporting no brand name or logo whatsoever, KARA backpacks are incredibly easy to spot in the wild—the thick, luxurious pebble grained leather, a single Riri zipper, the tiny square shape. It’s this brazenly minimalist look that’s launched the independent NYC brand into cult-dom. With the small backpack starting at $450, however, it’s a decidedly big investment. Thankfully, designer Sarah Law has now miniaturized their essence into a new small leather goods collection (at slightly more amenable prices) that includes wallets, pouches, clutches and keychains—and don’t forget the micro satchels.

Though dressed-up enough to rock any office holiday party, KARA products are not meant to be saved solely for special occasions. The brand’s dedication to functionality has you reaching for that clutch every day on your way out. The rigid ring around the architectural Duffle Wristlet, for example, can be held or worn as a metal bracelet. The Coil Triangle Key Fob includes not only the most chic carabiner we’ve come across, but also features two removable iron pieces: a triangle and circle that can be reused as jewelry or embellishments. The pebble grained leather wallets also have the signature, oversized carabiner (also removable) for easy zipper pulling. Keep it for yourself, and gift the $35 three-piece key fob to your impossible-to-shop-for Secret Santa.

Images courtesy of KARA