Karola Torkos: Fools Gold Confetti Jewelry


Royal College of Art grad and now designer based in London, Karola Torkos creates playful and imaginative jewelry that is quite the contrast to her East German upbringing. Her pieces engage the design process in its entirety by allowing wearers to interact with them; changing up the compositions (Karola makes a variety of styles) forms a more personal relationship with the jewelry.

Way more than a string of happy colors, Karola's "Fool's Gold" collection illustrates her fascination with patterns and shapes and is yet another example of her boundless creativity as well as her skill as a jewelry maker. Her work is currently on display at Electrum Gallery, one of London's preeminent contemporary jewelry galleries and the Fool's Gold necklace is available starting at $70 from Object Fetish.

Electrum Gallery
21 South Molton Street
London, W1K 5QZ map
tel. +020 7629 6325