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Klik Klik

Geometry and shiny metal surfaces in a new magnetic jewelry line


Science meets art in Klik Klik, Al Kelly and and Kellar Williams’ new magnetic jewelry kit. Setting themselves apart from similar brands that came before them (like Magnetik Distractions and the gift set), Kelly and Williams take form as seriously as function, introducing new shapes and perfectly-engineered magnetism for a playfully nerdy accessory with all the geometric-pattern appeal of Vena Cava.


Each kit comes with 300 nickel-plated neodymium magnets in three different shapes—216 polished metal spheres, 56 cubes and 28 wands to be exact. Mix and match at will, or follow one of the provided patterns, to create custom bracelets, anklets, necklaces, chokers, armbands, rings and more.

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When Klik Klik’s Brooklyn-based masterminds stopped by our offices recently they explained that part of their goal is to empower creativity by making it fun for people to design their own patterns. The instructional posters help out with a little inspiration, showing six design suggestions, ranging from easy to more difficult and requiring varying numbers of the metal pieces. For those who want more, there are over 500 designs available at Klik Klik’s online gallery, with step-by-step videos detailing how to make the Bella, Gemma and Dahlia bracelets.


While the concept came easily to Kelly and Williams, the real hard work was the time-consuming process of sourcing the right supply of metal finishes and strengths to find the best combination possible. Williams describes their path as one mostly about education, involving extensive testing to see which shapes worked well with others and which looked most appealing. Ultimately, the pair emphasize that the most important part was “getting the highest quality magnets.”

See more of Klik Klik’s stylish designs on their site where kits sell for $65.

Top photo credit to Eva Kolenko


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