Wispy, geometric shapes counterbalanced in a bold, feminist aesthetic


From the geometric angles of minimalist, abstract art to the intangible, endless summer spirit that characterizes her longtime home, LA-based jewelry designer Amanda Loos filters a rich range of inspiration into her line, Kyyote.


Delicate lines and vibrant colors give Kyyote jewelry a bold, feminine aesthetic. Building an enduring, cohesive collection, Loos has most recently added wispy beaded bracelets with thin, geometric metal shapes to the line of asymmetric beaded necklaces and boxy, sharp beaded and quill earrings.

According to Loos, Kyyote is defined by color, both in its influence as an integral, year-round part of the California vibe and in her focus on color exploration as one of the most significant elements to her work. “It is something that I really have to actually try out before I know if it will work or not,” she says. “For each of my beaded designs utilizing color and pattern, I may try up to 10 different variations of the same color combination before I choose the final design that will become a part of the Kyyote line.”


The foundation for these brightly hued pieces is solid design backed up by Loos’ thoughtful approach to each step of the process. She points out that while Kyyote is not a 100% sustainable company, nor is it intended to be, she makes conscious decisions on materials, production and studio practices that affect every aspect of the company and its products. “To me, it’s a no-brainer to choose to use certified, non-mined, recycled silver,” says Loos. “It’s a small thing that does make a difference, and it only takes a little research and just a little more money, which in my mind is well worth it.” Though she admits it’s a bit trickier to do, Loos sources all her quills from small companies who harvest them from road kill only, and, whenever possible, opts for vintage materials or those from domestic companies.


The Kyyote collection is available to buy via the e-shop. Also visit the website for jewelry care instructions and to learn more about the designer’s charity involvement.