Lacoste + Everglades Foundation: Water is Life

In honor of Earth Day, the French label helps protect the habitat of its famed logo: the crocodile


Wetlands play a key role in maintaining ecological balance among the myriad of flora and fauna living both in and near them. In South Florida, the Everglades represent the largest subtropical wetland ecosystem in North America. Spread over eight million acres, the area is home to rich biodiversity. Because the everglades have long been threatened by human activity, Lacoste is teaming up with the Everglades Foundation this Earth Day (22 April) to help protect the precious land. Proceeds from the unisex “Water is Life” T-shirt go toward a three-year water quality study. Researchers will analyze water samples in relationship to the migration patterns of the area’s crocodiles and alligators.

Pick up the “Water is Life” T-shirt for $65 from Lacoste and visit the Everglades Foundation to learn more about the pivotal habitat and its natural wonders.

Images by Cool Hunting