Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Weird shoes and swaddled booze meet vintage video games and custom bikes in this week's link round-up


1. The Weirdest Shoes, Ever

From Pokémoon platforms to flipper heels, Refinery29 highlights a collection of 20 of the most out-there shoes they’ve come across. While it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Bette Midler or a Japanese girl wearing the bizarre footwear, the slideshow isn’t a bad way to spend a few minutes of a conference call.

2. Skin Deep: Horiyoshi III

Nowness spotlights tattooist Horiyoshi III with a new video on his beautiful skin illustrations. For more on the Japanese artist and his clothing line, check out Selectism‘s recent in-depth article.

3. Letterboard for iPad

Riffing on the design of a classic felt letterboard, Culture Three Limited’s just-released a iPad app is a simple way to display a message with tons of analog charm. Available for iPod or iPad for $1 from iTunes and with limitless uses, it’s a minuscule price to pay to turn next Thanksgiving into an AA meeting.

4. Hennessy Very Special Flask Sleeve

Notcot’s obsession over the new king of all drink cozies, the Hennessy Very Special Flask Sleeve results in a photo essay of the detail and bendiness of the silicon sleeve. Like iPod or phone cases of the same material, it snugly wraps around a flask-sized bottle of Hennessy—a perfect alternative to the sippy cup for the butterfingers out there that still enjoy a good hard drink.

5. 18th-Century Ship Found at Trade Center Site

During recent construction for the new World Trade Center, workers and archaeologists alike were shocked to find the remnants of an 18th-century ship “cocooned in ooze” by the urban landscape around it. While the building continues, archaeologists are raacing almost 30 feet below street level to get measurements and data before the remnants begin to deteriorate. City Room of the New York Times has the full story.


6. Wrenchmonkees

TrendLand features the gorgeously-streamlined custom bikes from Danish brand Wrenchmonkees. The full spread of glossy images shows several styles and their impressively-constructed details.

7. The 80’s Trunk

Engadget stirs video game lust with a newfangled arcade cabinet from bespoke French trunkmaker Pinel & Pinel. With its sleek profile, 60 classic games, stunning LCD screen and iPod/iPhone docking station, the 80’s Trunk belongs anywhere but the basement.

8. High Fashion in “Akira”

With an uncanny eye for cut and detail, blogger Jason Chan of Fashion Indie spots key pieces from designer collections—among them Balmain, Patrik Ervell and Marc Jacobs—in “Akira,” the 1988 anime classic.

9. Hermès Orion Suitcase

Selectism spies Hermès’ Orion Suitcase designed by Gabriele Pezzini, with its handsomely modern contrasts of brushed aluminum (reinforced with carbon and Kevlar) accented by trademark Hermès tan leather.

10. Anthony Bourdain Honors Comic Great Harvey Pekar

Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel pays respects to the late Harvey Pekar on his site. Pekar, who won acclaim and fame with his autobiographical comic book series, “American Splendor,” passed away 12 July at age 70.