Little Green Conditioning Hair Detangler

Spray-on conditioner detangles and protects delicate tresses in a flash


I don’t have kids, but spraying Little Green’s detangler on my hair brought back childhood memories of mom pulling a hairbrush through my tangles as I ran out the door to school. Having also spent hours combing my baby sister’s long, ultra-fine hair (we called it “turning straw into gold”), the leave-in product is perfect for wrangling any unruly mop when time is at a premium.

Fortified with ingredients that moisturize, strengthen and protect (aloe, silk proteins, vitamins B5 and E, etc.), the formula helps with sun damage as well as other hazards of the environment, including chlorine, heat and salt. To use, evenly spray the fine mist on clean hair, maybe finger comb it—no rinsing necessary .

The hypoallergenic, paraben- and sulfate-free conditioner doesn’t come cheap, starting at $15 for an eight-ounce bottle (available from the Amazon), but the spray dispenser means it should last you longer than others.