lululemon men: Photographer Josh Rubin

Capturing Chances With Wolves' on a run around Red Hook

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Our founder and editor-in-chief Josh Rubin is always imagining the perfect shot—even on a ship. Attending the recent Summit at Sea, he noticed a dude with a fierce beard and tattoos running on the ship’s very small track in sleek and technical gear, smoothly dodging through the leisurely deck strollers. “I loved the contrast,” Josh recalled. He only realized later it was CH friend Kenan Juska of NYC-based DJ group and East Village Radio regulars Chances With Wolves (the Fourth of July BBQ mix they cooked up for us a few years back has become an annual staple to re-visit). “I was drawn to Kenan because he has good energy and I like that he can rock a vintage Hawaiian shirt just as easily as a sleek, technical running kit,” says Josh, wanting to photograph the DJ, collage artist and marathon runner in action in the latest from lululemon.

Previously, Josh had started shooting some of the collection in staged photos—but as a reportage shooter, he’s always chasing after the action shot, documentary-style. So on a cold and very wintry November day, the two met up in Red Hook—Kenan’s old neighborhood—bundled up in lululemon gear: Josh in the Stay Puff Parka and Kenan in the Einn Shell Jacket (the bright pink gloves, his own).

The silhouette of Kenan in motion against Red Hook’s gritty pavements and buildings is a poetic moment of man vs city—especially with the gale-force winds down at the waterfront that day. The highly technical Einn shell in “Onyx,” a slightly warmer black, is a simple and understated form that blended seamlessly into the similarly dirtier Red Hook backdrop. (Close-to-literal seamless—as the waterproof piece is constructed with as few seams as possible.) The lightweight jacket’s best feature is temperature regulation, with back vents for exhaust and mesh fabric hand pockets, paired with a removable insulated layer, meant Kenan was comfortable throughout his run—not too hot or cold.

Images by Josh Rubin