Margaux Lange: Barbie Jewelry


For many of us, the day we realized we just didn't have the childhood imagination required to play with Barbies anymore was a sad day in history. Fortunately, jewelry designer Margaux Lange found a new way to keep Barbie in our lives, with her clever accessories made of various Barbie body parts. Margaux's unusual designs are full of youthful spirit, but it's clear her fascination with the cultural icon is much more involved than childhood antics.

Intrigued by the role Barbie plays in our formative years and the concept of wearing the body on our body, Margaux examines the doll's composition to create her own. Her unique ability to relate to the individual body part allows her to create beautiful jewelry that at times is so intricate the plastic princess isn't recognizable.


It's clear Margaux spends a considerate amount of time thinking about how Barbie relates to society today, with a Ken kissing Ken brooch and a heart necklace made of Barbie's voluptuous chest.


While wearing plastic ears in our own ears may feel a bit creepy, the wit and originality that the earrings provide relieve any hesitation you may have. We particularly love the giant punk rock pendant, with its electric blue eye-shadowed Barbie doll eye set in black pigmented resin (below).


To purchase Margaux's Barbie jewelry you can shop online at her website or Etsy.

Additional reporting by Ezra Natalia