Massif Collection

Tailored clothing for your inner James Bond


The sartorial lines are being blurred. Business and casual, sporty and buttoned-up, military and civilian—it’s no longer possible (or wise) to judge a man by the cut of his suit. Most innovation results from cross-pollination: you take two good ideas and make a third, even better idea. A major supplier of military apparel, Massif has done just that, mating tactical clothing with progressive cuts and continental style.

With the aim of developing “clothing for spies,” Massif took staples of their military line—including articulated joints, anti-microbial lining and plenty of pockets—and paired them with a tailored and flexible fit for everyday wear. VP and general merchandise manager Scott Branscum sums up: “The way I figure, you’re a spy—you’ve got to kick somebody’s ass, get in a car race, go to dinner and then get to the poker game. You can’t change clothes.”

The Massif legacy began in 1999 when the company set out to provide fire-resistant clothing to rescue workers. At the time working with outdated apparel that did more harm than good, rescue teams immediately took to Massif, and the company soon became an integral supplier for military and aid teams. In order to develop the civilian-oriented “Massif Collection,” the company relied heavily on this heritage as well as its cadre of field testers, including members of Team Rubicon.

Team Rubicon specializes in deploying immediate aid for natural disasters in addition to long-term efforts around the world. The organization employs a combination of military veterans and medical professionals and was among the first to provide assistance following Hurricane Sandy. Currently, Massif is working alongside members of Team Rubicon in the development of a piece that will benefit relief efforts.

The J-003 Officer Coat, one of the standout pieces from the collection, is something like an ambassador for the line. Testing out the jacket, we found the navy herringbone wool and notched lapel keep the jacket’s styling classic, though sleeve pockets, gusseted arms and a stretch lining hammer home the practicality of the piece. Five buttons run the length of the closure, although the jacket can play the part of a three-button with the collar down. In the end we were most impressed by the cut, which fits like a glove—an anti-microbial, stretch glove with limitless stowage options.

The J-003 Officer Coat, along with the rest of the collection, can be found online at Massif and Bloomingdale’s as well as select retailers.

Images by James Thorne and Nick Williams