A vintage-inspired eyewear brand launches in San Francisco with a bang


SF-based sunglasses label Mayfourteenth debuted on the date of its name this year with a collection that captures the beachy escapism of the California coast. Presented in a pop-up shop with an accompanying exhibit that opened earlier this week, their sleek vintage shapes are the jump-off point, updated with unexpected color combos and plastics not commonly used in the market.


“Our design lab is not afraid to mix it up,” founder Benjamin Belsky tells CH. “We like to experiment with different shapes that mass-market eyewear companies cannot attempt.” Belsky, a photographer and designer, works closely with master craftsmen in Argentina, now spending half of the year in Buenos Aires.


The companion show, “Guns and Shades,” includes the collection, rare vintage eyewear and firearms—plated in 24-karat gold—by local artist Peter Gronquist. “You should always wear eye protection while shooting firearms,” Belsky says.

The Mayfourteenth pop-up shop and “Guns and Shades” runs until 14 July 2010. The collection is also in stock online. Prices range from $180-240.