14 Swim Trunks


With Memorial Day behind us, it's high time to get out of the city and onto beach. And at CH, we want you looking your best. While most focus gets placed women's swimwear, we know that guys also like a well-designed suit. With that in mind, we looked at some new creations—as well as resurrected classics—and picked a few of our favorites. We hope you enjoy.

Zoo York Sketchbook Boardshorts
When I would get bored during math class, I might make a few doodles on my graph paper. But nothing like the Sketchbook Boardshorts (right) by Zoo York. We love them because they contrast order and chaos; raw, asymmetrical sketches over an organized grid and a cutout pocket at an irregular angle. This board short manages to rep Manhattan in a single design with no visible math problems to boot.
-Maxwell Gold


Sundeck Rainbow Board Shorts
Any self-respecting surfer in the '60s and '70s wore Sundek board shorts. Sadly, the brand succumbed to complete oversaturation in the '80s. Now, 50 years since they first came on the scene, Sundek is back on the with their iconic rainbow-striped trunks (below left). Very little has changed in the design. Like the original, they feature a square back pocket and come in a wide array of colors. You can find the whole spectrum for $120 a pair at Jeffrey and Saks Fifth Avenue.
-Doug Black

Murphy & Nye Hartville Board Short
The nautical appeal of the Hartville swim trunk (above right) sets it apart from the rest; it looks as though it were fabricated from pieces of a sail. We love the cord drawstring waistband and the careful stitching around the pockets. Like a fine yacht, these shorts combine luxury with durability.


Maui and Sons Vintage
Children of the '80s probably had a pair of these neon trunks during their original run. The two-decade fashion cycle is coming around again, and Maui and Sons' distinctive shark logo is once again on the market—now considered "Vintage."

This time around, however, you won't find them at J.C. Penny. A collaboration between Maui and Oak for $75. They're constructed of 100% nylon with a convenient velcro pocket on the right leg.


American Rag Harmony Amplifier Capsule Collection
These board shorts are an homage to Joel Tudor: the surfing legend who brought the old-school style back to surfing. We love these board shorts because their primary goal is comfort and flexibility of movement. In fact, this design is modeled after Tudor’s very own custom-tailored pair. The Harmony Amplifier Capsule board shorts accomplish exactly what Joel Tudor did for surfing: reconnect method with style and simplicity.


Columbia Backcast Water Trunk
Don't let the image (above, far left) fool you, patagoniawaveshorts.jpg

Patagonia Wavefarer II Board Shorts
With their William Morris-esque floral pattern and below-the-knee length, these shorts would go well with a beard and some wooden beads.

Made from a durable nylon that dries fast and with a single button flat fly, as well as a self-draining side zip pocket with an interior key loop, they're good for more sporty types as well. When you're done with them, they can be recycled via Patagonia's Common Threads program.

Pick them up for $50 from stripesboardshorts.jpg


Ever BarStripe Boardshorts
Simple and relaxing. What you see is what you get. We love the BarStripe Boardshorts for their easy comfort, with drawstrings and a Velcro fly. Be careful, though, because they are unlined. They're on sale for $89 from

Vilebrequin Moorea Trunks
Vilebrequin was born as an experimental swim short company for vacationing celebrities in San Tropez, and it has evolved into a one of the most exclusive makers of swim attire. Named for the gorgeous spot in Tahiti, we love the new Moorea multi-colored spot swim shorts for their unique quick-drying material and eye-catching design. And you gotta love the fact that they come with a matching water-resistant wallet as a free gift. They're $190 from Men a la Mode.

Penguin Blowfish-Print Board Shorts
The Penguin Blowfish-Print board shorts have funky shapes and color patterns sure to get you noticed pool-side. The design evokes the indie-rock band aesthetic that could be, say, found on a Shins album cover. We also love the Penguin Blowfish-Print for the foot-long inseam that stays true to the long boards short style. Tall dudes only! They're $65 from modern_amusement.jpg