Naadam Cashmere

The luxury knitwear brand gets sourcing and materials right, working directly with Mongolian nomad herders

Naadam does cashmere right, by responsibly sourcing the best materials possible. The luxury knitwear brand partnered with nomadic herders raising Hircus goats in the Mongolian Steppe. The fine, warm undercoats are harvested by hand each spring, during the molting season and the soft fibers are then spun and produced into pieces of the highest quality in Italy. There are your standard essentials like crewneck sweaters mixed in with more adventurous outerwear designs—like Nadaam’s 100% pure cashmere “coatigans” in a toggle closure or camo jacquard knit.

Last year, Naadam collaborated with local NGO The Gobi Revival Fund to provide veterinary care for 250,000 goats plus sanitizing corrals for more than 800 herding families. These efforts to keep livestock healthy, and in turn sustain the livelihoods and the unique traditions of the nomadic herders. It’s the brand’s way of responsibly sourcing and investing in the people who the cashmere could not be made without.

Aside from their current F/W offerings, Naadam recently launched a new subscription service for those who just can’t seem to stay warm in the winter. The Cashmere Club delivers a new sweater (their classic, incredibly soft and unisex fit Carnegie style) in the color of your choice, once a month for three months. It’s a hefty $500, but since the sweater retails for $250, members will be receiving three for the price of two.

Images courtesy of Naadam