Nike HTM2

Nike's most highly regarded collaboration team adds a fourth member and launches a new shoe

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Nike HTM2 Low and Hi

Mark Parker, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Tinker Hatfield have been collaborating for nearly ten years on the HTM series of Nike sneakers which are among the most coveted by collectors. During a recent conversation in Tokyo Parker stated that their mission has always been “to push the limits on style and performance and try some things that might not come out of the company naturally thru the main stream creative process.” Their latest project, the HTM2, takes this goal to a new level.

The 2 in HTM2 is for Mark Smith, Creative Director of the Jordan brand and guest collaborator on this project. The initial design for the shoe, a hybrid between performance gear and casual-wear, came from Smith and was evolved by the team. “It’s an unusual shoe, very different from the normal, classic sneaker. It’s a slip-on using Free performance technology brought to everyday lifestyle with a look that’s very different from a normal running or basketball based shoe,” describes Parker. The fit is surprisingly snug and supportive for a slip-on and the Free sole affords maximum flexibility. The stenciled Swoosh is a nice touch and each of the four collaborators designed their own HTM2 logo, some of which you’ll see in our gallery.

Parker mentioned that this is the first in a new wave of collaborations for the HTM team. Available in both low and hi styles and several colorways, the HTM2 is available at Nike Sportswear stores in New York and Tokyo starting Monday 1 March 2010.