Limited Edition March Caps

NYC-designed, USA-made snap-backs that are anything but traditional

Founded in September last year by Barclay Douglas, March Caps has just introduced its first collection. With five designs, made in an edition of 150, the caps are classic six-panel baseball-style, but boast bright, minimal and design-forward motifs in fairly non-traditional colorways.

Douglas says his childhood passion for caps inspired the brand. He remembers how a cap’s logo could create a bond or rivalry between people—yet his own designs don’t rep any team or hometown. Instead they are geometric shapes almost reminiscent of alchemic symbols. “I’ve always been obsessed with caps and loved how they say something about not just your personal style, but your interests, your loyalties, where you’re from… Even in New York, kids will stop me on the street when they spot my New England Patriots hat because they know we have something in common,” he tells CH.

Like so many new products, March Caps were created to fill a void, “I knew the hat market was a saturated one, but among all those caps there wasn’t anything that really bridged the worlds of art, personal style, and graphic design. I wanted to create something that was impactful and special without being too precious like traditional artistic mediums. I believe March Caps is all of those things. We make a one-time run of each cap, and they include a card that’s numbered and signed by the artist.” Also important to Douglas was that the designs weren’t tied to a specific town, sport or culture—instead the unifier for people wearing them is an appreciation for minimal design and quality manufacturing.

While asking a designer to choose a favorite item is tricky, Douglas had this to say of The Blinky, “It’s inspired by the work of the German abstract painter Blinky Palermo. My favorite kind of art has always been disruptively modern, starkly minimal and driven by color—Palermo’s ‘Times of the Day’ series was color-blocking before it was cool. This cap design is simply about the electricity created by the juxtaposition of hues.”

Douglas is already designing his second collection—which will have three limited edition caps—and has an exciting collaborating on the horizon. Each of March Caps’ five colorful geometric designs are available online for $180.

Images courtesy of Daniel Disipio and Genevieve Garruppo