Minimalist Sportswear from Outdoor Voices

Technical design meets casual styling, in this progressive line of athletic apparel


Striking a balance between technical sportswear and casual apparel, NYC-based Outdoor Voices is rethinking the way we suit up for workouts. The young brand’s line of men’s and women’s athletic apparel is packed with technical, sports-focused features from moisture-wicking fabrics to flat-locked seams, to carefully placed pockets that comfortably house essentials during runs. However, the overall design language is one of subdued minimalism. Each piece can easily be worn casually without looking like you’re on a gym commute.


“We weren’t able to find anything in the activewear space that aesthetically resonated and spoke to us as people who enjoy and partake in activity, but may not be super-marathon-ultra-athletes,” says Outdoor Voices President, Andrew Parietti. “We decided to create a brand that brought together our friends through activity,” Parietti continues. “We make clothes for people who are active but not defined by it.”

After a few days testing the men’s apparel, we found a range of Outdoor Voices gear to live up to its goals, being both comfortable and attractive. Completely functional for workouts and runs, the apparel really stands out for its ease of wear in casual settings, making stopping for a coffee after a few morning miles majorly convenient. Shop the full line of men’s and women’s athletic apparel (all made in LA) and accessories at the Outdoor Voices online.

Images courtesy of Outdoor Voices