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PHLUR’s Sustainable, Gender-Neutral Fragrances

The brand is making positive changes in the age-old perfume industry

Working closely with their partners, new fragrance brand PHLUR is making perfumes that are sustainable, support communities and maintain traditions. From using a synthetic alternative to Natural Indian Sandalwood (which has been over-harvested and put in jeopardy) to introducing vetiver to Madagascan farmers (creating a new revenue stream) to the safe and sustainable harvesting of the Styrax tree’s resin, there are plenty of reasons to consider PHLUR—and we haven’t even discussed the scents.

Founder Eric Korman found himself frustrated with the perfume industry—from packaging to pricing—and decided to create his own. Along with the aforementioned important sustainability factors, Korman wanted to make the entire experience of trying on and owning a fragrance to change. For starters, he believes that fragrance should be enjoyed and tested properly—not at an airport Duty-Free store on a strip of paper. Instead, PHLUR offers a try-at-home sample pack (two fragrances for $10) so you can wear them a few times in different weather, different times, you name it.

Then there’s the packaging. PHLUR comes in an opaque, minimalist white bottle, but it’s more important than just the aesthetics. They’re made from 20% recycled glass (uncommon in the industry) and the nontransparent color also means your fragrance will last longer and not be damaged by light.

The scents have been designed to be gender-neutral, and while some are a little sweeter than others, fragrance is (of course) personal and subjective. We found Olmsted & Vaux and Hanami to be favorites; both are fresh and crisp, which is perfect for the current sweltering heat in NYC.

Browse PHLUR’s gender-neutral fragrances online. A donation of $5 for each bottle sold goes to either Central Park Conservancy or IUCN.

Lead image by Katie Olsen, all others courtesy of PHLUR


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