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Pijama Cases


by Paolo Ferrarini of Future Concept Lab

Pijama, a small company embodying the luxury trademark phrase "Made in Italy"—represents good design, deep research, fine materials and a handmade process. This time, rather than designating shoes or clothing with the highly-regarded label, instead it applies to a fashionable and sturdy case for electronic devices.

The project began in 2006 when Monica Battistella (fashion and web designer) and Sergio Gobbi (deejay and architect) decided to join their passions for handmade objects and technology. They came up with a collection of scratch-proof soft cases for computers, iPods, cameras and other tech gear.


"We started designing and producing only Mac-oriented covers," Monica tells CH, "but the rapid success made us develop also cases for PCs, digital cameras and more. We aimed to have something to cuddle and take care of, like a soft and stylish pajama." Initially the pair handmade everything in their basement. But as the business grew rapidly, they passed off production to a few small laboratories around Milan, which guarantees both precision and craftsmanship.


The research for the right textiles is central for Pijama and part of the design process itself, often using dead stock and unexpected fabrics. "The fabrics are not exclusively made for us," Monica explains. "We select what is originally meant for traditional blankets, drapery or classic menswear and then we double it with a special high-density material (a kind of neoprene), which makes for a certain degree of protection."


Distributed through Fabrica Features and other design retailers, Pijama products are also available at regular computer stores, booksellers and online, ranging from €16-37.


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