Pikkpack + Supermundane Shoes

The already unusual flat-packed leather footwear gets a graphic kick in this new collaboration

Budapest-based Pikkpack offers a special kind of leather shoe: one that arrives at the doorstep in one flat piece, ready to be folded and sewn up with brightly colored shoelaces. Founder Sara Gulyas’ careful design uses the least amount of material as possible and engages the wearer in the making of their new slip-on or sandal. Adding some more pizzazz to the already spunky design is a collaboration with London-based artist Supermundane, aka Rob Lowe.

Supermundane took the design of the Pikkpack shoe—which already has a graphic quality to it, like the bold pattern of the laces on the sides—and enhanced it with interacting lines and dots that create depth and movement for a bright and bold, yet still simple, shoe. Each pair in this collaborative edition was screen-printed by hand.

The kits, launching next Monday, will be available online for $150 from Pikkpack and include a Supermundane-designed tote bag, as well as the option to select any two shoelace colors to go with the shoes. And if you’re interested in the regular Pikkpack collection, now’s the best time to make a move: for Black Friday, they’ll be offering a 50% discount on their slip-ons and sandals.

Images courtesy of Pikkpack