Quote Bag Studio

A Bangkok-based, small batch handbag label is more than meets the eye


Quality materials, intriguing silhouettes and a flare for convertible structures make Bangkok-based Quote Bag Studio a refreshing label on the oft-banal bag scene.

Handmade using thick Japanese canvas and tough leather, the bags are as durable as they are beautifully constructed. The Saddle Bag (above) takes an almost horn-like shape, curving upwards in the back. The design provides optimal comfortability for everyday use but its flattering shape also keeps it looking sleek.


Quote’s Sea Bag steers the traditional sack away from drawstrings or zippers in favor of a leather strap—like a belt around a slouchy pair of pants. A purse doubling as a backpack, the Sea Bag is perfect for a casual day with its over-the-shoulder, one-strap silhouette.


One of our favorites from their collection, the Candy Bag champions both style and versatility. As an everyday bag it is roomy and cute, the outer sides cinched in a way that takes the shape of a classic hard candy. The easily-undone straps releases to reveal a large and durable travel bag, perfect for a weekend getaway or a large haul home from the market.


Quote’s S Bag series brings a sort of urban hardness to the otherwise soft canvas collection, though it maintains the company’s taste for beauty and structure. The series includes a shoulder bag, tote, clutch and coin purse, though only the smaller bags are currently available. The theme of the line is just one double-layered piece of leather cut into an S-shape and laid flat. A zipper surrounds the outer seams, and when zipped up it creates a complete purse. The origami-like folding and unfolding adds some softness to the hard patent-leather edge and gold zipper, cohesively integrating it into the collection as a whole.

Produced in small quantities, each bag is complete with pockets, linings and comprised of choice fabrics. The collection sells from Quote’s Etsy shop, or in the small Quote store in Bangkok.