Rock N’ Clothing Tees


The collectable desirability of vintage Rock and Roll t-shirts nears that of sneakers. In the case of the Rock shirts however, the thinner and closer the garment is to the end of its life the better. A Mötley Crüe tee, owned by a slightly chubby and sadly misunderstood teenager, only to be used later by her mother to clean toilets, simply adds to the shirt’s mystique.

This aesthetic has created a wholly welcome design mandate to modern t-shirt making, borrowing not only the aged look, but more importantly the thin fabric and soft buttery feel of the old standbys. Not lost to this is Rock’n Clothing, an online emporium and design company out of Illinois. Their shirts employ a nice faded print, thin neck ribbing, good aged colors, and of course that oh-so-soft luxurious vintage feel.

by Patrick Speckman