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Salence Caisson

The traditional double-breasted topcoat inspires a modern ski jacket


Taking its distinctive look from the timeless topcoat, the double-breasted Caisson jacket from Salence offers a unique look for hitting the slopes. The fully lined wool and polyester blend coat is both breathable and waterproof, with quilted insulation to keep you warm on even the coldest days. While it may not land in the "slopes to streets" category—due to a somewhat bulky silhouette—the Caisson does just the opposite, taking street-style to the slopes.

salence-1.jpg salence-2.jpg

The comfortable, double-breasted design features a number of buttoning configurations—the traditional, pea coat-style crossover always works well, while a less obvious option exposes the zipper with a symmetrical butterfly button pattern. The oversized, extremely protective collar offers the same array of closures. We appreciate the effort to innovate, but in some cases the configurations aren't the easiest to maneuver while wearing gloves. Luckily, wrist gators are in place to keep any snow from accumulating up your sleeves if you do need to go gloveless.


Other useful features include a retractable "wallet" for your season pass, leather detailing and multiple insulated storage pockets on the inside and out. The Caisson is available in vintage green and peppercorn colorways and sells online for $795.

Images by James Thorne


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