Salvor Projects Update

Reconnecting with our favorite screen printing fashion designer

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With the recent opening of their first official storefront, Salvor Projects has come a long way since founding designer Ross Menuez began the underground screen printing operation some years ago. With time and dedication came refinement and a narrowing of skills, placing the art-based fashion label in a category of its own. Centered on a combination of kaleidoscopic colors and Cy Twombly-esque designs, Salvor offers an ever growing line of screen printed men and womenswear, bags and footwear as varied as the brand’s audience.


In the beginning Menuez used other brands’ fabrics and materials to silkscreen onto, printing his own designs to form the first products branded with the Salvor namesake. Through the years Menuez’s screen printed tees and house wears have been sold through various retailers like Brooklyn-based Areaware and Kiosk. Although the retail venue has changed some, the evolution of his technique and skill haven’t strayed far from their roots—screen printing is the still basis for all Salvor products.


Now designing and producing all their own garments from start to finish, Salvor’s long list of garments and accessories are reaching a higher level of quality and sophistication than ever before. Experimenting with leathers, canvas, cotton and even neoprene, each piece is as unique as the process by which it is created.


On display in the recently opened Salvor Projects’ store—located on Forsyth Street in NYC’s Lower East Side—is a wide array of unique garments, bags and footwear peppered with a small selection of Menuez’s industrial design projects. The shop’s stark monotone design allows the garments to take center stage while still making a distinct statement about the brand’s industrial background.


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photos by Greg Stefano