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Salvor Dogskull
Salvor Pigeon
Salvor Reindeer

Though we've loved Salvor T-shirts and pillows for a long time, it was only last week that we had the chance to meet Ross, the creative mastermind behind the brand. A man of many interesting projects, he ties them all together through his attention to graphic detail. This Fall he's introducing a few new animals to his repertoire of t-shirts. Dog Skull is printed in brilliant silver ink on gray stock, Pigeon is a simple black on pink and The Rack uses safety orange on beige. The t-shirts are also going to be printed on a new custom stock that is super soft and tubular (which means there's no seam down the side and therefor no torquing).

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Salvor is available at:

New York: Steven Alan, Odin

LA: Apartment No. 9, Fred Segal

Chicago: Apartment No. 9

Berkeley: August

Austin: By George


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