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Sneaker Freaker, the Book


Culling the best of the first six editions of the bi-annual Sneaker Freaker, the book version is a convenient alternative to shelling out more than seven times the cover price for original back issues (if you can even find them) on Ebay. Following the same tried-and-true mix of interviews, profiles, and other editorial tidbits accompanied by drool-inducing images and printed on matte stock, the compilation is an essential addition to any kicks addict's library.

For those uninitiated into sneaker fandom Sneaker Freaker's behind-the-shoes coverage, including a breakdown of what went into the Nike Considered line and a feature on Vans as well as unique angles such as an essay on the role of sneakers in prison and extensive coverage of fakes, makes for a primer to the culture that's as fascinating to read as it is fun to simply flip through for thie pictures.

No doubt the genuine enthusiasm of editor and founder Simon Wood (aka Woody), who has a collection in the hundreds himself, is a major factor in what makes the book an enjoyable read as well as a useful resource.

Due to hit bookstores this November, it's available for pre-order on Amazon.


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